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The Way of the Universe: TAO TEH CHING
The Classic Words of TAO & VIRTUE
Translated by John Louis Albert Trottier Copyright 1994
Notes from John L Trottier, the translator of the Tao.
"When doing my research I used three (3) different Chinese variations as my source material. The OLD
Chinese books were often written on pieces of bamboo that were tied together with a string through
holes in the top of the bamboo plates. During different dynasties the rulers tried to change history by
burning all the books and rewriting history to suite there wants. Books were saved by building them
into the walls of houses and temples (such as was recently discovered in Japan). When the books were
rediscovered the string holding them together had often rotted away and since there is no punctuation in
Chinese the pages were sometimes scrambled.
"In other words, though I know that the totality is here I always will wonder as to the original order of
this very useful handbook.
"Another interesting thing of note is chapter 32. Most translations read as "Weapons of war are things
of evil". Before doing this translation this always struck me as absurd, weapons are things. It's people
who do evil.
When I looked at the Chinese it translated directly as "Soldier man bad omen this". This is so much
more sensible, in an agrarian society when you see soldiers around it's bad news. You know they are
going to take your food and if there's fighting you'd better get out fast.
"In chapter 42 I added the comments about e=mc2 since the small percentage of energy that was
converted to matter in the "Big Bang" is fundamental to the structure of the universe."
Tao (The Laws of the Universe) can be talked about, but not the Eternal Tao (Laws of the Universe).
Names can be named, but not the Eternal Name.
(You cannot name the unknown.)
As the origin of heaven-and-earth, it is not describable:
As "the Mother" of all things, it is describable.
(You cannot describe the unknown origin.)
As it is always hidden,
We should look at its Inner Sum and Substance (through philosophy and poetry):
As always visible,
We should look at its Outer Form (through science and obsevation).
These two flow from the same source (the Laws of the Universe), though differently named;
And both are called mysteries.
The Mystery of mysteries is the Gate of all sum and substance.
(Beyond the gate of experience is the Way.
It is in all ways greater and more subtle than the world.)
When all the world recognizes beauty as beauty, this in itself is ugliness, (for it lacks a seeing of the
(When all of humankind abstracts beauty there is no beauty).
When all the world recognizes good as good, this in itself is destruction., (for it lacks a seeing of the
(What is good in one circumstance is bad in another).
Indeed, the hidden and the visible give birth to each other.
Hard and easy balance each other.
Long and short give measure to each other.
High and low set measure to each other.
Voice and sound give wholeness each other.
Back and front follow each other.
Therefore, the Complete Thinker experiences without abstraction and accomplishes without visible
Yet spreads their teaching by actions.
Accepting the ebb and flow of the many living things.
Raises them, but makes no claim of them.
Does his work, but does not brag about it.
Finishing tasks, and moves on.
And yet it is just because of moving on.
That nobody can take works away.
By not making great the worthy you will cause the people to stop from having enemies and fighting.
(When everyone is equal, each is rewarded fairly.)
By not giving value to goods hard to get, you will cause the people to stop from robbing and stealing.
(When material goods have no value there is no temptation to steal.)
By not showing what people would like to have, you will cause the people's hearts to remain
(When people are not tempted to own things they do not desire things.)
Therefore, the Complete Thinker's way of governing begins by
Emptying the heart of wants,
Filling the belly with food,
Relaxing the ambitions, (not creating a temptation),
Toughening the bones, (guiding a healthful life).
In this way will cause the people to remain without strategy and without desire, and prevent the
knowing ones from causing any trouble.
Practice doing things at the Proper Speed, and everything will be in order.
The Tao (the Law of the Universe) is like an empty bowl.
Which in being used can never be filled up.
So deep it cannot be measured, it is the origin of all things.
It blurs all sharp edges,
It unties all tangles,
It blends all lights,
It unites the world into one whole.
Hidden in the depths,
Yet it seems to exist for ever.
I do not know whose child it is;
It is the common ancestor of all,
the father of all things.
(It is the Universal Laws from the beginning of our Universe),
To live by these Laws is to live in harmony with our True Nature.
Heaven-and-Earth is not sentimental;
It treats all things like straw dogs (equal).
The Complete Thinker is not sentimental;
Treats all people as straw dogs (equally).
Between Heaven and Earth,
There seems to be a Bellows:
It is empty, yet it can not be emptied;
The more it works, the more comes out of it.
The Complete Thinker draws upon the universal experience thus cannot be exhausted.
Better look for it within you.
The Tao (the Laws of the Universe) is in all that exists.
The Spirit of the Valley dies not.
It is called the Secret which is Filled with womanly qualities.
The Gateway of the Secret is
Filled with womanly qualities
Is called the Womb of Heaven-and-Earth.
Staying like a fog, it has only a hint that it is there;
And yet when you use it, it is always there without end.
Heaven lasts long, and Earth lasts.
What is the secret of their lasting?
Is it not because they do not live for themselves
That they can live so long?
The Complete Thinker wants to remain behind,
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