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Installing Moodle for Windows with Easy PHP
Illustrated Install Guide
By Floyd Collins
This guide will take you step by step through the install process of Moodle for Windows.
I highly recommend that you print this document and have it by your side while you
install this package. A word of warning to Windows 2000 users, if you are running
Microsoft IIS server on your computer you will need to turn that service off before
proceeding. If you do not know what IIS is then most likely you will not have it installed
and running.
Ok here we go let’s get Moodle installed and running on your computer.
Step 1
Download the moodle package and place it someplace on your computer hard drive
where you can find it easily. Next click on the install package. Your first screen will look
like the one bellow. Click Next after reading the welcome message.
221621150.007.png 221621150.008.png
Step 2
The next screen will tell you what you are about to install. Click next to go to the next
Step 3
The next screen will tell you where it will install the EasyPHP and Moodle files . If you
want a different location now is the time to change it. Most users will just keep the
default and Click Next.
221621150.009.png 221621150.010.png
Step 4 This next screen will ask you for the program group to create. The default is fine
for most users. Click Next.
Step 5
The next screen will ask you if you would like to create a desktop icon. Most users like to
have a quick launch on the desktop if you would like this feature then click the box. Now
Click Next to continue.
221621150.001.png 221621150.002.png
Step 6
The install package will now tell you it is ready to install. Click Install
Step 7
The files are now being installed to your hard drive. This will take a few minutes to
221621150.003.png 221621150.004.png
Step 8
Once the install is complete the package will tell you that you are done installing. NOTE:
Because you are done installing does not mean you are done. You still have to configure
Moodle and your web server. Click Finish.
Step 9
A Dos window will pop up leave it alone.
Next after the dos window above, the Easy PHP control window will pop up. See below.
221621150.005.png 221621150.006.png
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