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CA 610
Test Workbench and
Computer Aided Test Tool
ª SAP AG 2001
¡ R/3 System
¡ Release 4.6C
¡ Collection 14
¡ October 2001
¡ Material number50045965
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ª SAP AG 2001
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Cross Application
Level 3
CA500 2 days
CATS Cross Application
Time Sheet
CA535 2 days
Valuation of Materials
CA610 2 days
Test Workbench and
Computer Aided
Test Tool
CA705 2 days
Basics of the Report
CA710 3 days
Advanced Functions of
the Report Writer
CA715 1 day
Drill Down Reporting
CA990 2 days
EURO changeover
with SAP System (R/3)
ª SAP AG 2001
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Course Prerequisites
Basic R/3 knowledge
Knowledge of one application
ª SAP AG 2001
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Target Group
¡ Project leaders
¡ Developers
¡ Test organizers
¡ Testers
Duration: 2 days
ª SAP AG 2001
Notes to the user
¡ The training materials are not teach-yourself programs. They complement the course
instructor's explanations. On the sheets, there is space for you to write down additional
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