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01 Enough of no LovE fEat. LiL WaynE 02 ZEro fEat. MEEk MiLL 03 Missing ME 04 trust and BELiEvE
05 gEt it right 06 WoMan to WoMan fEat. ashanti 07 WondErLand fEat. ELiJah BLakE 08 i ChoosE you
09 stuBBorn 10 hEy sExy 11 forEvEr 12 nExt MovE fEat. roBin thiCkE 13 Who’s gonna hoLd
ME doWn 14 Why LiE 15 signaturE
Geffen Records. 2220 Colorado Ave, Santa
Monica, CA 90404. Manufactured and
distributed in the United States by Universal
Music Distribution. PC 2012 Geffen Records.
All rights reserved.
(K. Cole, V. Davis, T. Williams, G. Banks, J. Wilson, R. Williams) · Produced by:
Vidal & T-Minus · Published by: She Wrote It (ASCAP)/Universal Publishing, Inc.;
Double Oh Eight Music/ Universal Music Publishing/ Ascap; Warner-Tamerlane
Publishing Corp. (BMI) and Brother Bagz Publishing (BMI), All rights adminis-
tered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.; Bank On It/ Rockstar / Sony/ATV
Publishing (BMI); Buddy Gip Dreams (BMI); Robert Williams/Maybach Music
Group (ASCAP) · Keyshia Cole recorded by: Andy Haller at Glenwood Place Re-
cording Studios (Burbank, CA) · Background Vocals by: Keyshia Cole and Guordan
Banks · Meek Mill appears courtesy of Maybach Music Group/Warner Bros. Records
(K. Cole, E. Hudson, S. Fenton) ·
Produced by: Eric Hudson · Published
by: She Wrote It (ASCAP)/Universal
Publishing, Inc.; E. Hudson Music,
LLC / EMI Blackwood Music (BMI);
RKeyTek Music / Sony/ATV Songs
LLC (BMI) · Recorded by: Andy
Haller at Chalice Recording (Los An-
geles, CA) · Drums and programming
by: Eric Hudson and Andrew Clifton
· Background vocals by: Sean “Elijah
Blake” Fenton and Nikki Flores
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(K. Cole, M. Hough, R. Wouter, G. Banks, J. Wilson, E. Noel) ·
Produced by: Mel & Mus for Bu Vision, LLC. · Published by: She
Wrote It (ASCAP)/Universal Publishing, Inc.; MamaBonnie Pub-
lishing/Bu Music Publishing/Universal/SESAC; Sranang Pokoe
Publishing/But Music Publishing/Universal/SESAC; Bank On
It/ Rockstar / Sony/ATV Publishing (BMI); Buddy Gip Dreams
(BMI) · Recorded by: Corey Stocker at Music Box Studios (At-
lanta, GA) & Kiley Cubicciotti at Sigma Sound (Philadelphia,
PA) · Vocal Production by: Jessyca Wilson · Background Vocals by:
Jessyca Wilson and Guordan Banks
(K. Cole, B. Wright, F. Taylor,
E. Powell, W. English III, A.
Douglas) · Produced by: Fredrick
“Toxic” Taylor, Earl Powell &
Walter English III · Published by: She
Wrote It (ASCAP)/Universal Publish-
ing, Inc.; Toxic Universal Music – MGB
Songs / China White Music (ASCAP) o/b/o
Frederick Taylor (p/k/a “Toxic”) / Miami
Spice Publishing (ASCAP) o/b/o Betty Wright;
Pookietoots Publishing / Universal Music Publish-
ing Group (ASCAP) · Recorded by: David Nakaji at
She Wrote It Studios (Cleveland, OH) · Keyboards by:
Earl Powell & Walter English III · Background vocals by:
Keyshia Cole and Ashanti · Ashanti appears courtesy of
Written Entertainment/eOne Music.
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