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NO 11  November 2012
2012 EPN 40th anniversary
56 Executive Interview, Eric Lidow,
International Rectiier, relects on his
career and the creation of IR in 1947.
Special reports
20 Electronica 2012
38 Cables & Connectors
Two SerDes chipsets, the 22bit MAX9273/
MAX9272 and 16bit MAX9271/MAX9272
from Maxim Integrated lower the cost of
automotive camera systems by operating
over standard coax cables.
Page 28
Compact, high performance, durable
connectors for signal and power
transmission in industrial and rail markets
make up the M12 connectors from Hypertac.
Page 40
Electronica 2012 and 40 years of EPN
A 12bit ADC drives the high deinition
oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy enabling
them to acquire waveforms with high
resolution, high sample rate, and low noise.
Page 46
940356579.129.png 940356579.130.png 940356579.131.png 940356579.132.png 940356579.134.png 940356579.135.png 940356579.136.png 940356579.137.png 940356579.138.png 940356579.139.png 940356579.140.png 940356579.141.png 940356579.142.png 940356579.143.png 940356579.145.png 940356579.146.png 940356579.147.png 940356579.148.png 940356579.149.png 940356579.150.png 940356579.151.png 940356579.152.png 940356579.153.png 940356579.154.png 940356579.156.png 940356579.157.png 940356579.158.png 940356579.159.png 940356579.160.png 940356579.161.png 940356579.162.png 940356579.163.png 940356579.164.png 940356579.165.png 940356579.167.png 940356579.168.png 940356579.169.png 940356579.170.png 940356579.171.png 940356579.172.png 940356579.173.png 940356579.174.png 940356579.175.png 940356579.176.png 940356579.178.png
[04] Editorial Comment
[06] on the Web
[18] automotive Electronics
[34] Power Perspective
[46] test Corner
[54] Renewable Energy
[55] Industrial automation
[65] Web Update
[69] RF&Wireless
[70] Distribution Spotlight
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EPN 40th anniversary
[56] Eric Lidow, relects on his early years and
the drive that led him to co-found International
Rectiier in 1947. He has plenty of ideas for
harnessing the future too, from the Internet age,
nuclear power and electric cars.
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