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Cop ih t © 1978, 1992, 2010 by Don Lancaster.
Published by Synergeis res
3860 West First Sreet, ox 9, Thatcher, Z,85552.
(928) 2 8 4 073.
ll ighs reseved. Reproduction or use, wihout epress
pession, of editorial or pictorial content,
any maner,
s srictly prohibited.
No liabliy s assumed for damages resulting rom he ue of
he infomation contained herein. The only warrnty, express or
mplied, s "approximate quanity one."
ntenational Standard ook Numer SBN 978-1 - 882193-12-7
rinted in a tinaja near Tatcher, Azoa, USA.
Fourteen Years Later ...
Histoy always repeats Itself.
Fit as a tragedy and then as a farce.
Somehow it Is has become the fall of 1992. This Incredible Secret
Money Machine is now fouteen years old. And is selling better than
ever. But the last remaining mountain of them has just anished out of
my storeroom. So a revision would seem to be in order.
Probably the greatest indicator of your ongoing enthUSiasm Is how
long you can keep your copy of an ISMM before it gets permanently
ripped off. The average time seems to be fifteen weeks. A half life,
sot of. Or maybe a time between reincarnations.
I guess I am not into revisionism, so I won't. With a few obvious
adaptions, most of hs book s s accurate and as useful now as t was
then. If not more so. Instead, I will leave things exactly the way they
were and jst add a few comments here on where we are and where
we seem to e headed.
And I will add a sorely needed and ot-requested index to round out
this paticular edition.
When this ISMM was written, pesonal computers were wondrous
beasties, and you had to continuously defend why you had one and
what you did with them. These days, of couse, a personal computer is
essential for any money machine. At the very least, you should be
comfotable with a word processor, a desktop publishing pacage and
a programming language that you can relate to.
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