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ATARI Assembler Editor User Manual
2 Memory insufficient
3 Value error
4 Too many variables
s Stdng length error
6 out of data error
? Number greater tltan 32767
I Input statementerror
I Array or string DIM error
10 Argument stack overflolv
11 Floating point overflod
underflow etror
72 Line not found
13 No matching FORstatement
74 line too long error
15 GOSUBor FORline deleted
16 RETURNerror
az Garbageerror
1a Invalid string character
142 Serial bus data frame overrLur
143 Serialbus data frame checksumerror
144 Devicedone error
145 Read after write compare error
146 Function not implemented
147 Insufficient RAM
160 Drive number error
161 Too many OPEN files
162 Disk iull
163 Unrecoverable system data I/O e|ro.
164 File number mismatch
165 File name error
166 POINT data length error
167 File locked
164 Command invalid
169 Directory full
1?o File not found
171 POINT invalid
-lfoter The fouowing are INI'UT/OUTPUT er-
r o r s r h d l r e r u l t d u r i n g r h e u s e o f d i " k d r i ! e " .
p r i n l e r r . o r o t h e r a c c e . s o r y
d e v i c e \ .
19 LOAD program too long
20 Devicenumber larger
za LOAD file erlor
aza BREAK abort
7zs IOCB
13o Nonexistentdevice
131 IOCBwrite only
132 Invalid command
13J Deviceof lile not open
7J4 Bad IoCB number
13s IOCBread only error
136 EOF
737 Truncated record
13a Devicetimeout
139 DeviceNAK
74o Serialbus
117 Cursor out of range
ror explmation of Errcr Messges seeAppendix 1.
r u f l h e r i n -
formation is provided with th€ auxiliary hard'
OAwame' communicar
ons company
lveD' etfort has b€en hade to eNure thal thid manu.l .m.ately documenls rhis prcdud ofthe ATARr compurer Division. Hove@rj
beoue ot rhe ongong imlroLement.and updatin8ofthe omputer sftwe an:dhardware,ATART,rNC. cannot gudaDtee lhe ae
cuacy or printeJ mlenal after the datcofpublication and onnor acepi responsibnityfor eriors or omissrons.
This manual assum€s the user has read an introductory book on assembly
languag€. It is not intended to teach assembly language. Suggested rcferencis
for assembly languag€ beginners are 6'502Assembll ranguage programmingby
Ladce L€v€nthal and Progamming the 65U by Rodney Zaks (6ee Appendix 8).
The wer should alsoknow how to use the scleen editinq and control features of
rhe ATARIo 400rMand ATARI 8OOtu personal CoriDuter Svsrems.Thes€
(eatures are the same as used in ATARI 8AS|C. Rer.i;w rhe"ATARr BASIC
Reference Manual ifyou are Lrnsure of ho.w to do screen editing.
This manual stafls by showing the structure of sLarementsin assembly
language.The mdnual then illusrraresLhediflereni rype6of6502 operands.Thi
Assembl€r Editor ca:rtridge contains three separate programs:
i n a f o r m
rhe Ahrembler (ASMI program undersrands.The tDIT program leisyou u"e
a prinier to a lisiing ofyour program. programs canalsobe storedand
rccalledusing ENTIRJLIST and SAVX,LOAD. The AssemblerEdiior allows
automaticnumbedng, rerumbering, delete,find and .eplace.
H e l p s y o u p u r p r o g r a m m i n g s r a r e m e n t s
. ASM (Assembler program) - Take6 the program statementsyou ceate in
the EDIT stepand converts to machine code.
- Hetpsyou trace through the program stepsby running the
program a step at a time while displaying th€ contents of important internal
6502 registers. The DEBUGGERprogram also contains programming
rcutines which allow you io display registers, change register contentsJ
display memory, change memory contents, move memory, ve fy memory,
list memory with disassembly,assemble one instruction into memory, go
(execuie prograd, exit. The disassemblyrouiine is especially usefut ir
rcading and understandingmachine languagecode.
The Assembler Editor cartridge allows you to talk in the mmputer's natural
language - machine language.Assembly languag€programming offers you
f:lsterrunning programs and the ability io iailor programs to your exactneeds.
. t D l T ( r d i r o r p r o g r a m ) .
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