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OLIN R. MOYLE Counselor
117 Adams Street. Brooklyn . New York
Telephone Triangle 5-1474
July 21, 1939
Judge J. F. Rutherford, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dear Brother Rutherford:
This letter is to give you notice of our intention to leave Bethel on September 1st next. This
reasons for leaving are stated herein and we ask that you give them careful and thoughtful
Conditions at Bethel are a matter of concern to all of the Lord's people. Nowhere among
imperfect men can there be perfect freedom from oppression, discrimination and unfair
treatment, but at the Lord's headquarters on earth conditions should be such that injustice would
be reduced to the minimum. That is not the case here at Bethel and a protest should be made
against it. I am in a good position to make such protest because your treatment of me has been
generally kind, considerate and fair. I can make this protest in the interests of the Bethel family
and of the Kingdom work without any personal interest entering into the matter.
Treatment of Bethel Family.
Shortly after coming to Bethel we were shocked to witness the spectacle of our brethren
receiving what is designated as a "trimming" from you. The first, if memory serves me correct,
was a tongue lashing given to C. J. Woodworth. Woodworth in a personal letter to you stated
something to the effect that it would be serving the devil to continue using our present day
calendar. For that he was humiliated, called a jackass, and given a public lambasting. Others have
been similarly treated. McCaughey, McCormick, Knorr, Prosser, Price, Van Sipma, Ness and
others have been similarly scolded. They have been publicly called to account, condemned, and
reprimanded without any previous notice. This summer some of the most unfair public
reproaches have been given. J. Y. McCauley asked a question which carried with it a criticism of
the present method of Watch Tower study. For that he was severely reprimanded. Your action
constituted a violation of the principle for which we are fighting, towit, freedom of speech. It was
the action of a boss and not that of a fellow servant. Securing an efficient mode of study with
imperfect study leaders is no easy task, and no method yet produced has proved to be one
hundred per cent perfect. You stated that no complaints had come to you concerning this method
of study. If that be the case you have not had all the facts presented to you. There is complaint in
various places that the Watch Tower studies have degenerated into mere reading lessons. It
maybe that the present method is the best that can be used, but in view of known limitations
honest criticism should not be censored nor honest critics punished.
Brother Worsley received a public denunciation from you because he prepared and handed to
brethren a list of helpful Scripture citations on fundamental topics. How can we consistently
condemn religionists for being intolerant when you exercise intolerance against those who work
with you? Doesn't this prove that the only freedom permitted at Bethel is freedom to do and say
that which you wish to be said and done? The Lord certainly never authorized you to exercise
such high handed authority over your fellow servants.
Since the Madison Square Garden meeting there has been a distressing condition of restraint and
suspicion at Bethel. The ushers were placed in a tough spot but did an excellent piece of work.
They exercised care and diligence in watching arrivals at the Garden, and prevented a number of
suspicious characters from entering. They were on the job immediately when the disturbance
started and quelled a disturbance which would have otherwise reached serious proportions. But
for two weeks following the convention there has been constant criticism and condemnation of
them from you. They have been charged with dereliction of duty and labeled as "sissies". To see
some of these boys break down and cry because of your unkind remarks is, to say the least
The brethren at Bethel have thoroughly demonstrated their loyalty and devotion to the Lord, and
do not need to be berated for wrong doing. A suggestion or a kindly admonition from you would
be more than sufficient to check any wrongful action, and would eliminate resentment and induce
greater happiness and comfort for the whole family. You have stated many times that there are no
bosses in the Lord's organization but the undeniable fact cannot be evaded that your actions in
scolding and upbraiding these boys are the actions of a boss. It makes one sick at heart and
disgusted to listen to them. If you will cease smiting your fellow servants Bethel will be a happier
place and the Kingdom work will prosper accordingly.
We publish to the world that all in the Lord's organization are treated alike, and receive the same
as far as this world's goods are concerned. You know that is not the case. The facts cannot be
denied. Take for instance the difference between the accommodations furnished to you, and your
personal attendants, compared with those furnished to some of your brethren. You have many
many homes, towit, Bethel, Staten Island, California etc. I am informed that even at the Kingdom
Farm one house is kept for your sole use during the short periods you spend there. and what do
the brethren at the farm receive? Small rooms, unheated thru the bitter cold winter weather. They
life in their trunks like campers. That may be all right if necessary, but there are many houses on
the farm standing idle or used for other purposes, which could be used to give some comfort to
those who work so long and so hard.
You work in a nice air conditioned room. You and your attendants spend a portion of the week in
the quiet of country surroundings. The boys at the factory diligently work thru the hot summer
months without such helps, or any effort made to give them. That is discrimination which should
receive your thoughtful consideration.
Here again is shown unequal and discriminatory treatment. One brother left Bethel some time
ago for the purpose of getting married, and, so I am informed, was refused the privilege of
pioneering in New York, apparently as an official disapproval of his action in leaving Bethel. On
the other hand when Bonnie Boyd got married she didn't have to leave Bethel. She was permitted
to bring her husband into Bethel in spite of the printed rule providing that both marrying parties
should have lived there for five years.
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