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How did you FEEL about that?
Critical elements
Not about facts or logic
Honesty - even in the fiction
What it is...
Com m unic a t e s y our pe rs ona lit y
Gives you depth and background - makes you real
Fills gaps in conversation
Bypasses filters and shield
Ma ke a lis t of y our pers ona l qua lities
Com pa s s ion
Adv e nt ure / S pont a ne it y
Inde pe nde nc e / Re s ourc e f ulne s s
Ac c e pt a nc e by ot he r w om e n
Am bit ious
Then find s tories from y our life that c ommunic ate thos e traits
Polish and refine the story as you build it and tell it
Doesn't have to be extreme
What is the m os t exc iting m om ent I'v e had?
What is the m os t em otional m om ent I'v e had?
What is the m os t s elf-defining m om ent I'v e had?
What is the m os t em barras s ing m om ent I'v e had?
What is the m os t lov ing m om ent I'v e had?
What is the funnies t m om ent I'v e had?
Stories about needing more stories...
How to start
Ma ke a s hort lis t of life experienc es
As k y ours e lf :
Write down a lis t of y our qualities
Ma ke a lis t of experienc es tha t brought out thos e qua lities
Ma ke a lis t of experienc es tha t tes ted thos e qua lities
Bookstore Exercise Get a cheesy romance novel
Start describing things in detail
Listen to a woman's conversation
You don't have to LIKE it! J us t emulate it
Relations hips
Emotional content
Write down a s tory of y our own - bullet points only
Mem orize only the order a nd the im porta nt deta ils
Forget that you memorized it
Do this for 2-3 stories
Meta -s kill c om es a fter y ou do this a few tim es
Keep it s hort at firs t
How to use it
Feed off a keyword in what she says
That reminds me of. . .
I w a s t a lking t o m y f rie nd a bout s om e t hing like t ha t . . .
I w a nt t o ge t y our opinion on s om e t hing. . .
As y ou w e re s a y ing t ha t , y ou re m inde d m e . . .
Cha nne l t ha t e xpe rie nc e a nd e m ot ions
FEEL it!
What to c om m unic ate:
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