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Creating a Warband
as told by Brahm Tazoul
By now we should all feel like old
friends. Welcome to this, my third
installment of the ´Creating a
Warbandµseries. In this issue, we'll
discuss the Middenheimers, Beastmen
and Possessed warbands. One thing to
keep in mind with the Possessed is
that it is truly difficult to create a
starter-warband that everyone would
like. With so many choices regarding
the mutations and their applications
to your play-style, I just don't have
enough space (or time) to list every
variable. Remember, these are my
personal preferences, and are meant
as a reference only. Be sure to read
over the entire Possessed section in
the rulebook, and figure out your
twisted minions for yourself. With
that in mind, on to the warbands!
Marksmen: 2, Crossbow, sword, dagger
60gc ea
Marksmen: 2, longbow, dagger 40gc ea
Swordsmen: 2, Sword, dagger 45gc ea
Henchmen: 6, 290gc
11 members, routes on 3 OOA, 18gc left in
treasury. Rating: 91pts.
Ah, the Middenheimers. Big brutes
screaming bloody murder as they charge
down upon their foes. While the
Middenheimers themselves believe in
nothing more than braining their opponents,
their hired thugs (swordsmen, marksmen and
warriors) are allowed to have a slightly
different view.
You'll notice that I've created two groups of
Marksmen. One is the mobile-support,
whilst the other is the static ³muscle´. The
Heroes of this warband are your true H2H
champions (especially considering that your
Captain and Champions start out with +1S)
and should be used as such. I only include
swordsmen to cover your archers and help
the Youngbloods out until they've earned
enough xp to become terrors on their own.
Note that I've marked the Hammer and Axe
in the Champions weapon-lists. This is to
show that they are only single-handed
weapons at this point. First skill you should
pick for your Champions is Strongman, and
then upgrade their weapons to be 2-handed.
With a S4, and the subsequent +2S from the
2-handed weapon, a Strongman Champion
can inflict some serious damage. Consider
this; they start with a WS of 4, meaning they
are going to need a 3 or 4 to hit pretty-much
anything. Once they do hit (and hit they
will), they will need a 2 to wound anything
with a T of 4 or lower!
Middenheimer Warband
Sword, axe, dagger 75gc
Champion #1:
Hammer*, dagger 38gc
Champion #2:
Axe*, dagger 40gc
Youngblood #1:
2 hammers, dagger 21gc
Youngblood #2:
Hammer, dagger 18gc
Heroes: 5, 192gc, 308gc remaining
I would recommend playing the
Middenheimers in-style; very little (if any)
armor, big, brutish weapons, and charge
them at anything that moves. Sure, you may
suffer a bit of time rolling on the Injury
Table, but c'est la vie. Bellow your
battle-cry, and throw your men into battle!
The Middenheimers wouldn't have it any
other way.
True there are only 6 members, but I think
I'd rather face off against 6 Dark Elves!
The Magister supplies the arcane support, as
well as the very-limited ranged attacks.
While he can't gain any shooting abilities, he
at least has a BS4, enabling him to do
something with the bow.
The Possessed is key for the beginning
stages of this warband. His W2 enables him
to take a lot of damage, not to mention his
T4 and S4. Couple him with the Beastmen
and run around terrorizing your opponents.
Between those three models you've got 6
wounds! Use the Tentacle ability to remove
your strongest opponents strongest attack,
and let the beastmen nail him to the ground.
They'll woe the day they crossed your path!
Your three-armed mutant is a great
combatant, and easy to make. Grab a model
you don't like, or if you're lucky an arm off
of another accessory sprue, and glue it to a
brethren's chest. Voila! A three-armed
nightmare. With an average starting WS3,
the third attack does wonders. The only pain
is you've got to have three dice to represent
the three different weapons, and on top of
that remember which is which! You'll get
used to it...I promise.
The other mutant is more of a bane to your
enemies than an asset to you. Consider him a
walking grenade; every time he is wounded,
his corrosive blood splatters about, inflicting
a S3 hit against anyone in base-contact with
him. Beware archers, and get up-close and
personal. You've a decent shot at taking
your opponents out every time they hit you,
so fear not, and let this guy take a beating!
Save your pennies, and buy your fifth hero.
Remember that your first Mutation is at
regular price, but every other one is doubled,
so pay for the most expensive one first, and
then double-up. I'd recommend going with a
Great Claw and Black Blood
would be a nightmare in close-combat, but
will cost you 200gc to buy, so start
collecting that wyrdstone!
* Equip your Champions with
single-handed weapons until they
gain the Strongman skill.
Possessed Warband
With Possessed Hero
The Possessed:
Tentacle 125gc
Mutant #1:
Swords, dagger, axe, club, extra arm 83gc
Mutant #2:
Spear, black blood 65gc
Heroes: 4, 368gc, 132gc remaining
Beastmen: 2, sword, dagger 55gc ea
Henchmen: 2, 110gc
6 members, routes on 2 OOA, 22gc left in
treasury. Rating: 58pts.
BRING ON THE HURT! This warband is
tough... not only to play, but to play against.
Sword, dagger, bow 95gc
657361520.005.png 657361520.006.png
Possessed Warband
Without Possessed Hero
Possessed. Once you've added one to your
warband, you will truly be a force to be
reckoned with!
Sword, dagger, bow 95gc
Mutant #1:
Swords, dagger, axe, club, extra arm 83gc
Your Darksouls are easily hit,
so make them a second-line
attacker. They'll survive
longer, and help your
beastmen take your opponents
Mutant #2:
Spear, black blood 65gc
Heroes: 3, 243gc, 257gc remaining
Beastmen: 2, sword, dagger 55gc ea
Beastmen Warband
Darksouls: 2, axe, dagger 40gc ea
Beastmen Chieftain:
Axe, dagger 70gc
Brethren: 2, axe, mace, dagger 33gc ea
Henchmen: 6, 256gc
Bestigor #1:
Sword, dagger 55gc
9 members, routes on 3 OOA, 1gc left in
treasury. Rating: 65pts.
Bestigor #2:
Mace, dagger 48gc
This set-up is risky. Wh le you have
increased your men and rating slightly, you
have lost your powerhouse, the Possessed.
Decreasing the amount of heroes in your
warband is not something that I'd suggest,
however some people feel more at home
fielding more models.
The Darksouls should follow your beastmen
into battle. Let the Beastmen take the first
hit, and then charge in against the tied up
opponent. The brethren are your fall-guys.
Let it be them who take the fall if and when
you need to rout.
With this warband, I would almost
recommend sitting back and routing on
purpose for the first game or two in a
campaign. Since there is a good chance that
you are going to get an Underdog bonus
regardless, your heroes and henchmen will
level up. Collect your gold, and buy a
Beastmen Shaman #1:
Halberd, dagger 55gc
Halberd, dagger 90gc
Heroes: 5, 318gc, 182gc remaining
Gors : 3, axe, dagger 40gc ea
Ungors : 1, Mace, dagger 28gc ea
Warhounds of Chaos : 2, 15gc ea
Henchmen: 6, 178gc
11 members, routes on 3 OOA, 4gc left in
treasury. Rating: 110pts.
657361520.007.png 657361520.001.png
At long-last, the ever-awaited Beastmen.
This warband is sure to be a nightmare to
play, but extremely rewarding for the general
who does. Completely lacking in the
long-ranged department, Beastmen need to
be close to their prey. You will need to
scurry through the shadows in order to beat
your opponents. Don't give them a clear
shot, and you'll be alright.
Almost all of the starting models have a T4.
That's great against bows, forcing them to
rola5+to wound.Eventhemighty
crossbow is at a huge disadvantage;
considering that your goal is to ensure that
there is no true ³clear shot´, they will be
forced to fire at you under-cover. Since they
cannot move and shoot, you've got the
upper-hand in that you can pick where
you're going to end up, and they have no
choice; either they shoot, or they move and
miss the opportunity.
I made this warband with the general feel of
the Beastmen in mind. Since they are
destroyers, I equipped them with more axes
and clubs, typical scavenger equipment,
rather than a bunch of swords. While most
of them will not be able to parry any blows,
there is nothing preventing you from buying
(or possibly finding) some bucklers along the
With great starting WS throughout the band,
you should concentrate on screening your
Bestigors and Chieftain with the hounds and
Ungor. The hounds are cheap as dirt, and
can keep your warband going while you save
for better troop-types. The Minotaur is a bit
under-equipped for it's 200gc price-tag,
however it's still a M6, WS4, S&T4, W3
creature with 3 attacks. The special rules for
it (Bloodgreed) add to the chaotic flavor of
the band, and it'll do wonders in tying up
your opponents, not to mention make them
think twice about having not used the
outhouse prior to battle. Something to keep
in mind with the Minotaur is this; charge in
and kill something easy. With a 4+ roll, the
Bloodgreed sets in, and your Minotaur
becomes Frenzied . Think of the possibilities
of a W3 creature having 6 or 7 attacks at
S4! You'd be a nightmare, and able to take
out small regiments of mercenaries on your
So, while an Ogre Bodyguard Hired Sword
would fight 4 battles before costing as much
as the Minotaur, the Minotaur has +1WS,
+1I and +1A, as well as the bloodgreed
special rule. All in all, I'd say that the
Minotaur is an equitable trade in this matter.
A few notes on drawbacks: There is NO
ranged attacks with the beastmen. The only
exception to this is Blessed Water and a Net .
They are not truly ranged attack, but would
use your BS to hit. Another note of interest
is that the Beastmen cannot hire any hired
swords. Period. They've a special rule as a
warband that states as such. So, you can't
even compensate for your lack of ranged
sklwitha Hired Sword. This is very
important as you MUST survey the field of
battle and ensure that you've decent-enough
cover to ensure that you can reach your
opponents. If you are left in the open, you're
in trouble. If that ends up being the case,
move in against your foes as quickly as
possible, and cut them up. Wreak havoc
upon the countryside and enjoy, my fellow
slavering tools of Chaos!
The Minotaur is worth
saving-up for, so keep
hiring Hounds of Chaos
until you've saved enough
to buy his valuable
Next article will share my thoughts
regarding Skaven, Dwarves and Kislev
warbands. Stay tuned!
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