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Inquisitor Lord Gunther Kramer Known as "Black Widow"
Inquisitor Lord Gunther Kramer Known as "Black
As a distinguished member of the Inquisition, Gunther Kramer comes equiped with heavy armor, his
magickal weapon the Sword of Inquisition, the Tome Daemonica and his Holy Gun. He has a wooden leg
that he proudly carries from a fearsome battle to the death against a Champion of Khorne. Gunther Kramer
is a powerful wizard and is therefore allowed spells from both the Light Sphere as Prayers of Sigmar. He
must have at least 1 spell from the Sphere of Light.
Hire Fee: 110 GC to hire .
May be Hired: Only Witch Hunters, Inquisition and Sisters of Sigmar warbands may hire
Gunther Kramer.
Rating: Gunther Kramer increases a warband's rating by +60 points.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Gunther Kramer 3 5 5 4 4 3 6 3 10
Weapons/Armour: Gunther Kramer is armed with the Sword of Inquisition and his Holy Gun ,
wears heavy armour and carries the Tome Daemonica .
Skills : Strike to Injure, Combat Master, Expert Swordsman, Hunter, Sorcery, Warrior
Wizard, Resilient.
Special Rules
Psychology: Gunther Kramer is immune to all psychological effects. He cannot be
affected by fear, or any other psychology rule.
Holy Gun: The Holy Gun is a weapon specially constructed to damage wizards and
daemons. It uses normal bullets but the bullets themselves are heavily impregnated with
magickal energy. The Holy Gun may be fired in the shooting phase. Against daemons and
wizards the Holy Gun causes double wounds and daemons get no saving throw. In addition,
each time a wizard or daemon is damaged by a Holy Gun it will lose the use of one Magick
spell (picked randomly) for the rest of the battle.
Range To Hit Save
Short Long Short Long Str Dam Mod
O-8 8-16 +2 +1 4 1 -2
Sword of Inquisition: This is a powerful, ancient artifact used by Gunther Kramer to bring
justice to the enemies of Mankind.
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Range To Hit Save
Short Long Short Long Str Dam Mod Special
Close Combat x x 5 D3 -2 Parry
Wizard : Gunther Kramer is a wizard and may use both Light spells as Prayers of Sigmar.
He must take at least 1 spell from the Sphere of Light.
Tome Daemonica: This tome contains much of the weaknesses and information about
daemons that the Inquisition has uncovered, thus it may be used attempt to weaken
daemons. All lesser daemons within 12" of the Tome will suffer a -1 to there saves, and to
there WS and BS. It also severs any magick powers they may have. Greater Daemons will
only be affected if they fail a leadership test on 2d6.
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