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70 Goldcrowns to Hire
"...But the Dwarf from Bloody River raised his axe above his head,
He swung his weapon round and gave a cheer.
'Ye think these bloody pansies are a mob to hold in dread?
I've seen worse monsters floating in me beer!'..."
Little is known about the Dwarf except that he comes from the slopes
of Blood River, near the volcano of Karag Dron, where Dwarves and
greenskins constantly war. In appearance he is battered and scruffy;
he is not a slayer, though obviously a loner and a wanderer. Even to his allies he is rude and obnoxious. He
has no actual friends.
May be Hired: Mercenaries and Witch Hunters may hire The Dwarf.
Rating: The Dwarf increases the warband's rating by +60 points
3 5 2 4 5 2 3 3 9
Weapons/Armour: The Dwarf wears a battered suit of Heavy Armour and wields a two handed axe. He
wears a tatty hat with a broad brim and an eye patch.
Skills: The Dwarf has the following skills: Mighty Blow, Strongman, Combat Master, Fearsome.
Special Rules:
Hard to Kill: Dwarfs are tough, resilient individuals who can only be taken out of action on a roll of 6 instead
of 5-6 when rolling on the injury chart. Treat a roll of 1-2 as knocked down, 3 -5 as stunned, and 6 as out of
Hard Head: Dwarfs ignore the special rules for maces, clubs etc. They are not easy to knock out
Maniac: The Dwarf never stays with one warband very long, usually because he has offended someone or
has run off into the distance in pursuit of fleeing enemies. He may not be re-hired until the warband has
fought at least one battle without him.
Mean as Cat's Piss: The Dwarf counts as Hating everybody.
Mad Bastard: The Dwarf is subject to Frenzy.
Blinded in One Eye: The Dwarf's left eye was lost at some point in his past (his profile has already been
adjusted for this).
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