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Boats By
To transport the boat to and from water it must be carried by four models, these
four models are reduced to a maximum move of 4" and they may not fight or use
missile weapons while carrying the boat. Once in the water the boat may be
rowed by two models with two passengers (no need to declare who as they can
swap positions easily enough..only two can fire bows/whatever a turn though).
At the start of the game determine the direction of the water's flow, if it is a shore
line it will be alternate directions each turn as it laps in and out. Rivers will run the
one direction all game. Roll an artillery die and a scatter die. Subtract the artillery
die roll from the strength of the rower, or the combined strength if two are rowing,
treating misfire a result as zero. This is to simulate the eddies and currents of
river. If the strength score is higher than the artillery die score then the boat
moves a distance equal to the difference in score in inches in a direction as
desired by the player. If the artillery die roll is higher than the strength then the
boat drifts a distance equal to the difference in the score in the direction of the
water's flow for that turn. If the two scores are equal then they manage to hold in
place, fighting the wild currents.There is no movement penalty for turning. A boat
that drifts off the edge of the table is counted as out of the game, but nothing bad
happens to anyone in the boat..they just drifted a bit.
For example, two Str 4 warriors are trying to row across a southern flowing river,
and the artillery die rolls up 10. The boat drifts 2 inches to the south (whichever
direction you determine south to be). Next turn the artillery die rolls up 3. The
boat moves 5 inches in the direction desired by the player.
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