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The Siege of Earth Begins
Gargoyle Games
Design Design
Melbourne House
Playing tips, a look at some
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3D action as you take on the
challenge of a lifetime against
BULL Emerge victorious from
all 4 rounds and youll have
more than earned the WORLD
The original adventure of
this famous friendly mole.
hing out coal he
encounters enormous
dangers, mechanical and
human, and bravely laces
ilie a* esomc . hjllcnge
the mighty King Arthur h 4
and his personal body- Jf4|
guard, armed to the
teeth with mammal
, 'wyA \ r mission M
' rWTJ te'eport aboard
and activate
fiJ the S it Destruct
^ A*-! Svstcm i I (In- ilrc.idoi
FUTURE is a huge
labryinth of a Space
Ship covering 256
scrcens of the most
amazing graphics
/ Before your eyes yOUf
( friends >'»ur family are
rendered helpless, trans-
formed to lesser beings -
birds and mice - by the
invading Krcmins But by a
cruel twist of fate the trans-
formation leaves you with the
body of o bird but the brain
of a human You arc the last
chance the human race has left.
Four exciting titles that have already established
themselves favourites with many games players now
available on the Amstrad.
t^j^XU-fLi^m^^-flJ^ii^^^..^ 1 H ^
<;+r Q o+ ChoffinlH CI AFC Tol. if\TA7\
75347.3 A J
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Our editorial policy can best be
summed up as being an
'interface' between the
producers of software and
yourself, the user. We don't see
ourselves as being a separate
entity, looking down God-like on
the market, we join in AMTIX!.
will provide a lively debating
forum on both games and
serious programs, hardware
add-ons and utilities. We will be
devoting an uncommonly large
amount of space to readers'
letters, so you can airyour ideas,
your bitches and your problems
and if we think you're wrong
we'll tell you so in no uncertain
But above all. AMTIX! is here
to SUPPORT the entire market,
to help its already healthy
Growth to something much
bigger and better, to show that
the Amstrad computers are
great work stations and home
entertainment centres all
wrapped up in one.
Both CRASH and ZZAP' 64
have earned their spurs by being
actively involved in the
improvement of software and in
promoting an interest in areas
that some readers may have
overlooked such as adventure
and strategy games,
telecommunications, music and
the work of programmers. You
can expect to see this lively mix
in AMTIX! as well. That's why
we say 'the world of the Amstrad
is about to burst open'. AMTIX!
is the doorway just walk
through. ..
the real work. Robin Candy is
famous throughout all Britain
for his CRASH Playing Tips —
K ou either love him or hate him,
le's been playing games on the
Amstrad for ages and before
that for years on the Spectrum.
As many games are converted
from Spectrum originals, you
can expect a wealth of hints, tips
and cheats in the future.
To bring you the reviews we
have a highly experienced team
of gamesters who will be
pooling both their skills and
opinions with ages ranging from
14 up to 30 something. Some,
like young Ben Stone, Mark
Hamer and Robin Candy, are
local school kids, others like
Gary Penn, Julian Rignall and
Gary Liddon are big city lounge
lizards with a misspent youth in
the arcades, twitchy trigger
fingers and experience in
writing reviews for magazines
like PersonaI Computer Games,
ZZAP! 64 and Big K {but we don't
hold that against them). Then
there are the calmer spirits like
Chris Passey, who has been
reviewing for CRASH for almost
two years, and the big boys
Jeremy Spencer and Roger
LET'S GO ... !
one of Britain's most successful
games oriented computer
periodicals. In April of this year
CRASH was followed by a
second title for Commodore
owners called ZZAP! 64 which
has rapidly established itself as
the leading 64 games mag.
Now Ludlovians are learning
to cope with the Amstrad as
Newsfield launches its third
computer title. If you are
unfamiliar with either CRASH or
ZZAP 1 64. ihen here's an idea of
what to expect in AMTIX!
The publisher of AMTIX! is
Newsfield Publications, based in
the south Shropshire town of
Ludlow — a strange place to find
a computer magazine you might
think, but to the inhabitants of
this ancient market town, com-
puters have become an every-
day matter. In January 1984
Newsfield launched the
Spectrum software magazine
CRASH and has seen it grow into
content, objectives
thpre may even be
and aims —there mav
and aims
the garnes rev.ewmy
1 almost as important « dled <
I . he reviews «"> h con v
pCRASH the
P Utef «f a ?S thTee review^
n0t,on imi The policy was
ers per gar™. ' ^ 64 and
| continued n di Herent.
AMT,X L W mixed options of
With the m'xed P a bet ter
three peopte you »»
a few hints and
The editorial offices in Ludlow
are headed up by Roger Kean
and Jeremy Spencer. Roger is
best known for having launched
CRASH on an unsuspecting
world and his numerous
appearances on telly defending
this action. He's played almost
every game known very badly
and so acts as a valuable
common man in the street when
the arcade freaks get out of
hand. Jeremy brings his
experience as Newsfield's
software editor to AMTIX! but
he's probably best known for his
wire haired terrier. Poddy, who
keeps the office plants well
After these two exalted
personages come the maxions
and minions who actually do all
followed by the t^ee
ers critical ^ a t erTien headin g
shown this
time m way< o'
soace l, there
Fist because of s P ac ^ hnic8 |
follows a J'st o»»
can hp .
specifications and one
important aspects
w P )b e
e As
and sound. Each % q(
rounded on oy l presentat)0 n
piavability. Sound
to give P 0 ' 0 ^
ba,an ^Tn &in. issue
v ou can see »'
/ on^^s
l avva Vm
/ some fi!
' y^'oZi 9 ^
oCt as
the ^eview o' Way ^
'w a | ue for
\ Explodmg r
all mam
you can expeow
I the mini-
money andlan j"
b e 3
are examples o lS sueJ
ware Guide).
Against each the^e
percentage. More d wha t
abOU V a ^ce you should attach
sOTjaaa? 1 -^
in issue 1 of AMTIX
intr oduce
1985 AMTIX' rs published months tr, NewsfMd Publication*. 1/2 King Slf»»t Ludlow. Shropshire SY8 1AQ Telephone 0584
58S 1/5852'5620 Colour origination by Scan Studios, Wallace Roan London NT. printed toEAflUnd by Rciwooo Wph Otisi-t VeomanWnv
Trowbrvdft- Wiltshire D s bui.on by COMAG Tavisloc* Road West Drayton. Middlesex UB 7 TOE Pub • Executive Roger Kean
Ea :of5 Jeremy Spencer inn Roger Kean Produt 'ion Controller David Western Art Editor Oliver Frey Product* r Gordon Druce and
Matthew Uffindelt StaflW ' RobinCendyf ntrliutc•..) Wr.trrj ChrisHoney and OavtdLetter ManOrder CarolXinsey Subtt' [ '
Ma' -1 ,1 ge Demse Roberts Subscriptions: 12 issue f '5 00 post included (UK Mainlandl.£22.00r»"»i ">ctoded (Coninpntei £„k. ( ».
Eu'opt &y arrangement >n writing See contents for any special offers on subscriptions No material may tw reproduced whole or 'npart
n.mogl written consent ol the copy r ign t rv>ld*r$ We cannot undertake to return any written material sent into AMTIX' unless dccocnp*n<ed
by a suitably stwnped addressed env»-lopo Unsolicited written, photo material or artwork which may be used to the magazine is paid lor at j
Wh " rnom T" Vou
8n Vou
AMTIX! October 198 5 3
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Can you face getting
or becoming a
SPLAT! One °f <b e
most ong.r*1 mart
games eve« relMWa.
tW « guar,rteedJ0
keep you «»
toes every
ever, hou>
day you p»*V'
sort ot »am«
makes you k^V^;
sell wheneve' Vt*»
lose a lite'
Newsfield and INCENTIVE SOFTWARE have got together to
give AMTIX! a really good start and give you a fantastic offer
— free software that would normally set you back £20.85 and
that's a deal worth more than the actual cost of the subscrip-
tion of £15 (post included). All you have to do is take out a
twelve month subscription to AMTIX! and we'll give you
THREE marvellous Incentive games.
____ 'ncenttve
MCQ nFuzion
We don't have to tell you much about what you'll be getting in
AMTIX! because this 16 page taster is our best advert, but just
in case you haven't got round to reading all of it yet, you can
be sure of a magazine 100% devoted to Amstrad software
and hardware, packed with information on the very latest
games, utilities and business software that will keep you right
up to date. But most important of all, AMTIX! will be a good
read. And all that will be dropping through your letter box
every month for no further effort on your part.
As a subscriber to AMTIX! you also receive another benefit
50p discount off every single piece of software you buy
from AMTIX I Mail Order which, together with CRASH and
ZZAP! 64 Mail Order, is one of the biggest software mail order
houses in the country. There will be more details on that in
issue 1.
and you
have these
games all
(Normal price
£6.95 each)
Sat ,o«/s1ratt0V
1 torn* faced m
lo develop «otTw»™>
Yes, I want to subscribe to AMTIX! for one year (12 issues)
and receive the three INCENTIVE games (Splat! Millionaire &
Confuzion) absolutely free (offer closes 18th October 1985)
Name .
Subscribers to AMTIX!
should keep a close watch
on future subscription
offers, because there will be
fabulous deals in there for
them as well —'we won't
forget you once you have
handed your money over
and become a subscriber!
I enclose a cheque/postal order for £15 made payable to
AMTIX! SUBSCRIPTIONS, 1/2 King Street, Ludlow,
Shropshire SY81AQ
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Producer: Elite
Retail price: £8.95
The object of Frank Bruno's
Boxing is to defeat 8 boxers in
succession in order to gain the
world heavyweight title. To
defeat a boxer you must learn
their individual styles and then
knock them down three times.
This is done by reducing the
opponent's status to zero (by
repeated hits, when the punch
power indicator reaches maxi-
mum the right hook or upper cut
can be used) but you must also
dodge the other boxer's punch-
es. Should your opponent knock
you down three times then the
game will fend.
When a boxer is defeated you
will be given an EVBA code (Elite
Video Boxing Association). This
code enables you to access the
next boxer, just enter the code
and start the B-side of the tape
but you must remember to
always use the same name.
forget them in a hurry. The
graphics in Way of the Exploding
Fist are excellent. The sprites
are wonderfully defined and the
movement of both characters is
very realistic. This version isn't
quite as good as the CBM 64
game, largely because the
sound isn't anything like as thri-
lling, but it is still worthy and
should provide many hours of
enjoyment. The greatest advan-
tage that it has over many other
games is that it's instantly play-
able and should appeal to just
about everyone."
Producer: Melbourne
Retail price: £9.95
two, it can be used to turn your
character around, just start the
kick and then abort it half way
through execution. The high
back kick, is the reverse of the
high kick and is only effective if
your opponent has slipped past
As well as kicks there are 3
S unches that may be used, the
"One of the first things I noticed
in Way of the Exploding Fist is
how flexible the characters are,
no prancing stick figures here.
Having contrived to make so
many different movements pos-
sible from the joystick, the result
is both realistic and confusing at
first. It's well worth playing a few
rounds just to get the knack of
making your man jab, leap and
kick at the right moments. This is
a great arcade scoring game as
well as wonderful family enter-
Melbourne House's karate sim-
ulation explodes on to the
Amstrad. As a young grass-
hopper you must work your way
up from being a complete
novice to achieving the magical
10th Dan. To help you gain this
award against your opponent,
there are some 18 manoeuvres
at your disposal.
the various kicks that are
accessable (keys or joystick) are
our movements to success.
e flying kick, best used when
your opponent is standing and
not blocking, is an extremely
powerful manoeuvre that ren-
I ders the opposition helpless.
The high kick also deals a blow
1 to the race but is risky to use as it
can be countered by going into a
crouch and using either a low
punch or a forward sweep. Both
the mid and short kicks are
effective in close combat — the
mid kick is the least effective
because it is easily countered by
crouching or by a straight for-
ward block. The forward and
backward sweeps are probably
the most effective moves in the
game. To use them you must
first crouch down, press fire and
putl down on one of the joy-
stick's diagonals. A forward or
backward sweep can be count-
\ ered with a short jab kick (but
I only while the character is
crouching) or by somersaulting
, out of danger.
The roundhouse kick has two
purposes: one, to kick an enemy
| in the face (but it often takes too
I long to perform to be effective);
ib punch being most effective
and the easiest to use because of
the speed with which it can be
performed, and it is particularly
useful in tight spots. The high
punch is also easily executed
and highly effective when your
opponent is close in. When in
the crouch position a low punch
can be dealt to the enemy, again
this is an effective move but it
can be easily countered by a jab
There are two somersaults,
forwards and backwards, and a
jump that can be used to get out
of harm's way. The main use for
somersaults and jumps is to get
out of danger caused by forward
or backward sweeps.
A two-player option is avail-
able, where each plays against
the other simultaneously. In this
mode there are four rounds with
the highest scorer winning. If
you play against the computer,
then the game continues until
you are either kicked out or you
reach the 10th Dan. Unlike the
C8M64 version, there is only
one background, but this is
hardly a serious drawback.
"Karate seems to be all the
vogue at the moment on the
small screen, perhaps because
we've had to wait for program-
ming skills to catch up with the
requirement for realistic anim-
ation and fast graphics. In Way
of the Exploding fist, Melbourne
House have scored a great hit
with a version of 'Karate
Champ'. The controls are sens-
ibly thought out and make it
immediately playable, although
skill is required to become a
master, I've been playing it since
I got the copy / may soon even
be a master'
As Frank you have a variety of
possible moves including:
guard up or down, left or right
punch and dodge, right hook,
upper cut and duck. The type of
punch delivered depends on
whether your guard is up or
down; if up then you will deliver
a punch to the head, if down
then Frank will do a body punch.
The right hook or upper cut, as
mentioned, can only be used
when the KO indicator is
All eight opponents vary quite
a bit in size, meaness and fight-
ing styles. The first. Canadian
Crusher, is big and lumbering
but he's quite easy to defeat
because of this. Fling Long Chop
is small, fast and a master of the
Addictive qualities
"Learning how to use each of
the moves property can take
quite a few games but once
mastered you are unlikely to
Value for money
AMTIX! October 1985 5 D
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