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April 1987
Computer Journey: What
goes on inside your CPC
Sentinel; riteuird's Megagame
SCOOP: Amstrad to
launch a rocket
Plus: PCW listing, ivlicroProse interview,
news, reviews, hints, help and gossip
The (Oficial Amstrad Magazine
Norway N OK 2 0 .0 0
Spam 3 0 0 Pt OS
Turkey 1 0 5 0 T 1
Denmark Kr. 3 1 .0 0
New Z e a la n d N Z $ 4 .9 5 Roc.
This is no toy thrown together in BASIC and half-
tested, but real machine-coded computing power
professionally constructed. We have had IBM and
Apricot users beg us for a MASTERFILE for their
machines — when they had seen the earlier CPC
MASTERFILE. All this power is yours for
MASTERFILE III is now fi rmly established as
THE fi ling system for the CPC6128. It has received
rapturous reviews and we could paper the walls of
our new offi ces with our customers' letters of
For the benefit of newcomers to the CPC machines:
MASTERFILE III is a powerful and flexible data
filing and retrieval system. All "database" systems
require that your data is organised into fields and
records. Unlike most, MASTERFILE does not
commit you to field lengths or formats, since ALL
data is variable-length and optional. Files are not
pre-formatted, and only used bytes are saved to
disc. Also, unlike the rest, MASTERFILE allows
multiple user-defined ways of viewing/printing
your data. And unique in its price range, MASTER-
FILE offers RELATIONAL FILE options, where-
by common data can be entered just once and
shared by many records. Maximum fi eld size is
240, maximum fi elds per record is over 50, and
maximum fi le size is 64K. Room for 1,000 full
names and addresses, for example. Only one disc
drive is required. It is menu-driven throughout, and
comes with detailed illustrated manual, and exam-
ple files.
For those who already have an earlier MASTER-
FILE, we offer updates; please telephone for
details. You will be amazed at the performance
improvements and extra functions.
-ork* PCW users: be patient, MASTERFILE 8000
will be ready early in 1987 Alk*
We also have one of the fastest and friendliest
spread-sheet programs around, MASTERCALC
128. Its unique features include: individual tailor-
ing of column widths and precision; relocatable
formulae; split-screen option; automatic cursor
advance; text output to printer, or to disc for
interface with PROTEXT or TASWORD; hi-res
graphic histogram of any three rows. MASTER-
CALC 128 runs on CPC6128, or CPC4641664 with
DK'tronics RAM. The price is Just 03.00.
Just about ANY kind of information can be
handled by MASTERFILE. You can EXPORT the
data to other systems (e.g. PROTEXT/MERGE and
TASWORD). You can even merge your own USER
BASIC to MASTERF1LE for customised fi le
processing, or build new files from other computer
sources. The speed of SEARCH of MASTERFILE
is second to none. Records can be sorted ascending/
descending, character or signed numeric, even
embedded keys such as surnames. Other functions
are fi eld-to-fi eld calculations, and several-across
label printing. We simply don't have room to list all
the features; give us a call if you are still in doubt
of the power of MASTERFILE III.
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umsi 15a3 8) 40 4500 74S S 710e Rsy, 4600 tom slAS 7458 1300
354 7145 1 713 440225
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aan ( b• r • 811
You can save 110 by taking MASTERFILE III and
MASTERCALC 128 for a combined price of just
Prices include VAT and P&P to anywhere in
Europe. Elsewhere please add 20% for air-mail
service. ACCESS/VISA/MASTERCARD welcome,
written or telephoned, quoting card expiry date.
Make cheques payable to "Campbell Systems".
Our normal response is return of post, 1st class.
7 Station Road, EPPING, Essex CM16 4HA,
England. Tel: (0378) 77762/3.
SUONdify of Dosinels Assets
Microcompmter. 14M DAM • 30K NOM Amstrad1/
Microcomputer. 1211 NOM • disc fl aistrad
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Disc interface and 1st drive. .1— Amstrad
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Wire paper clip
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Tapeariter, eiectrit .0livetti Leterra 11
Dictation machime
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Cate, ruker
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Parcel scale
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up pecwo am ( e) for menu
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POO u se d 0 2 rp .
5 News
11 Letters
14 Gallup Chart
37 Hairy Hackers Haunt
68 Adventurers Corner
98 LSB
31 MicroProse interview
Iola Davidson visits the UK
branch of the company that
spent 81.2m on developing
one program.
17 Sentinel
John Baker enters a world of
Guardians. Firebird's newie
absorbs him totally.
46 RS232 - A missed
Ian Hoare looks at the new
CPC interface and suggests
I mprovements.
77 Games Reviews
Colin, Nigel and Liz look after a
Little Computer Person,
FlySpy, Bactron and
Impossaball. Then they race in
500cc Grand Prix and sample
Agent Orange and Koronis Rift.
50 Computer Journey
A silicon saunter through the
workings of your computer.
Thrill to the power of the ULA,
gaze with wonder at the
graphics from the 6845 and
learn what makes it tick.
64 Amstrad Space
Alan Sugar embarks on the
most ambitious project yet — to
get on the air by 1990 he's
going to build a rocket for his
TV satellite.
zz Assemoly poirn
You need never forget to save
your work with help from Peter
Green's little reminder
n A
11_ I
58 Quoite
Super smooth
screen scroll
graphics game
to type in. It's
difficult — but fun.
26 PCW Programming
Program your Joyce to play
Flip-'em, the strongest reversi
game anyone at ACU has
seen. Written in Mallard Basic
it's more fun than LocoScript.
Editorial and Advertising offices:
169 King's Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4EF.
Tel: 0277-234459 (Editorial), 0277 234434 (Advertising)
Telec om Gold: 72,
Am st ra d is a re g ist e re d t ra d e m a rk, a n d w it h t h e t it le
Am st ra d C o m p u t e r U se r, is u se d w it h t h e p e rrn e ssio n o f
Am st ra d C o n su m e r Ele ct ro n ics p lc. N a p a rt o f t h is p u b li-
cation m a y b e re p ro d u ce d w it h o u t p e rm issio n . Wh o le e ve ry
effort is m o d e t o e n su re t h e a ccu ra cy o f a ll f e a t u re s a n d
listin g s We ca n n o t a cce p t a n y lia b ilit y f o r a n y m ist a ke s o r
misprints T h e vie w s a n d o p in io n s expressed a re n o t n e ce s-
stioly those of Amstrad or Amsoft but represent the views
of o u r m a n y re a d e rs, u se rs, a n d co n t rib u t o rs. M a t e ria l f o r
publication is o n ly a cce p t e d o n a n a ll
Published by Avrelite Ltd, 36/38 St Peterscate. Stodu3ort SKI I Hi-
News t ra d e d ist rib u t io n : D ia m o n d -Eu ro p re ss Sa le s D ist rib u t io n L t d ,
Unit 1 , Bu rg e ss R e a d , I vy/ lo u se L a n e , H a st in g s. Ea st Su sse x T N 3 5 4 N R .
Tel 0 4 2 4 4 3 0 4 2 2 .
The official magazine for all
user s of Amstrad computers
Cov er photo Marten Howett
Editor: Simon Rockrnan
Advertisement Manager: Jane Nolan
Advertisement Assistant; Lorraine Bay
that Am st ra d C o m p u t e r U se r ca n n o t e n t e r in t o p e rso n a e
correspondence. Aw o ke L t d 1 9 8 7
Page 3
Amstrad User April 1987
C 1986 Warner Bras Inc.
All nghts reserved.
6 Central Street* Manchester M2 SNS
Tel 061 834 3939•Te3eK 669977
The prophets were
almost right
Whenever the Amstrad fi gures loom,
the City starts to trade the shares and
guess the results. Before the announce-
ment on February 11 profi t estimates
were running at between E55 million
and 00 million for the six months to
December 31, 1986. Then Alan Sugar
announced the results - a record
pre-tax profi t of 01.3 million. Well
over twice the profi ts for the same
period last year.
In a bullish chairman's report Alan
Sugar attributed the success to steady
sales of CPC computers, continued
growth in POW sales - with no sales
lost to the PC-1512 as many pundits
had predicted - and of course to the
huge impact of the PC itself which rep-
resented 25 per cent of sales.
This is even more phenomenal when
you realise that the PC 1512 was not
launched until September and did not
become readily available until Novem-
ber. With production now full steam
ahead the figures should carry on look-
ing good.
Companies often hint at what they
have planned when talking to the City.
Unfortunately the only mention of new
computers in the report was the sen-
tence: "Later this calendar year we will
launch a host of computer and audio/
video products to see us well into and
beyond the next financial year."
The City reacted well to the figures
and shares rose 20p, but the day before
they had fallen around 10p and the day
after they again fell 9p, so the actual
effect was minimal_ Still this left the
company valued at E900,000 million
pounds, with Alan Sugar owning a
shade less than 46% - all on paper of
DMP 4000
The high speed, wide carriage printer
first promised last September is now in
the shops. Priced at E349. it has a print
speed of 200 characters a second, is
Epson and IBM compatible and uses
the Centronics port.
buffered so that machines which can
only work at one baud rate at a time
can talk to the modem at, say, 1200 full
duplex and to the line at 1200/75.
The modem is Hayes compatible, and
uses all the standard command codes
implemented within the leading
communications packages. There is a
through connector which allows you to
keep a normal telephone plugged into
the line and a reset button.
Not only is the modem very cheap
but it comes with a free membership to
MicroLink - part of Telecom Gold - and
a comprehensive communications pro-
gram called DataTalk.
DataTalk runs under MS-DOS and
supports a number of protocols,
including VT100 and Prestel. The
package represents a major threat to
other modem manufacturers who
would not think twice about asking
over MOO for the modem, E80 for the
software and E40 to join Telecom Gold.
Cheap modem
for the PC
Through an exclusive deal with Pace
Amstrad has released a modem for the
PC 1512 at less than half the price of its
direct rivals. The Amstrad PC Modem
costs E149. The design is based on the
Pace Linnet and shares all the same
features but is built on a card which
plugs into the PC 1512 expansion slots.
You get a lot for your money. The
Amstrad modem will run at both
120015 and 300 baud full duplex
allowing connection to bulletin boards
and viewdata systems. It is line
Amstrad User April 1987
Monty gets
Monty Mole doesn't live in a hole, he
wants an island to call home. The
island in question is Montos, but to buy
the place calls for a Iota loot. In Gremlin
Graphics' new game Auf Widersehen
Monty you have to make the money as
you travel the world.
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