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Origami Fox
This origami fox is a very simple model to fold and perfect
for beginners. Give him his sly expression with a marker pen
and add him to your origami animal collection.
1. With the colored side down on the
table, fold your square
in half diagonally.
2. Fold in half again.
3. Open up the last fold. With the
long side of the triangle on the
bottom, fold down the top point until
it reaches the bottom edge.
4. Your model should look like this.
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59481177.007.png 59481177.008.png 59481177.009.png 59481177.010.png 59481177.001.png 59481177.002.png
Origami Fox - Page 2
5. Take the bottom right corner and
fold it up to form one of the ears.
Look at the photo above to see
how it should be placed (the dotted
line marks the centre of the model)
6. Fold the bottom left corner
up to form the other ear. Try to
match the first ear!
7. Flip the model over ...
8. and add your fox’s face!
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59481177.003.png 59481177.004.png 59481177.005.png 59481177.006.png
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