Donny - Live On London's Rude 88.2FM - 12.02.2009.txt

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Donny live on London's Rude 88.2FM 12 Feb 09


Current Value - The rapist VIP (Shut the fuck up Donny VIP) {Guerilla}
Limewax - Big Bang {Freak}
Lucio De Rimanez - Lord of the Flies {Barcode}
Current Value - Bruja {Barcode}
Donny & Audio - Horribly Ribbed {Barcode}
Counterstrike & Gein - Pentagram {Counterstrike}
Donny - Discovered (Current Value rmx) {Barcode}
SPL - Take me Away {Barcode}
Donny - Crawler {Barcode}
Current Value - Precious {Barcode}
Lucio De Rimanez - Nembutal {Barcode}
Dylan - Dark Planet (Donny rmx / Panacea VIP) {Position Chrome}
Donny - No Going Back {Barcode}
Limewax - WoOoOoOh {Freak}
Donny  - Search & Destroy (Lucio De Rimanez rmx) {Barcode}
Current Value - Warship {Barcode}
Audio - Sector 9 {Position Chrome}
Donny - Something Terrible {Guerilla}
Lucio De Rimanez - Encephalitis {Barcode}
Donny - Fucking Offensive {Barcode}
Current Value - Target {Barcode}
Lucio De Rimanez - Sorrows of Satan {Barcode}
Donny - They Find Me {Barcode}
Current Value - Battlefield {Barcode}
Donny & Counterstrike - The Watchers {Barcode}
Lucio De Rimanez - Paper Soldiers {Barcode}
Donny - They are Coming {PRSPCT}
Current Value - 2012 {Tech Freak}
Donny - The Feast {Guerilla}
N.phect - Musclecar {BSE}
Current Value - The Good {Tech Freak}
Panacea & Limewax - Operation X VIP {Posistion Chrome}
The Sect - Mayday {Redlight}
Current Value - Hybrid {Subsistenz}
Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value rmx) {Barcode}
Donny & Current Value - Drill {Freak} (wriggle like a fucking eel Raiden Mashup)
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