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AC Schnitzer ACS5
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The special enthusiasm resulting from countless race victories still characterises the innovative
power of AC Schnitzer engineers and designers.
Eficient Performance: Transfer
of Technology and Design From
Since the 1960’s, the Schnit-
zer brothers have celebrated
success in Touring Car racing
on almost every circuit in the
world. With their modified
BMW’s, they and their race
team laid the foundations of
their legendary reputation over
decades. Since the early begin-
nings, we at AC Schnitzer have
been inspired by this enthusi-
asm for motorsport, and even
today the Nürburgring serves
as the AC Schnitzer test track.
Here under the harshest race
conditions, all components
must prove their performance
potential, reliability and now
also their eficiency in protec-
ting resources. Only when the
performance progress is achie-
ved at no cost to fuel consump-
tion and emissions will the
components be included in the
AC Schnitzer special accessory
range. Here they combine their
suitability for everyday road
use with the dynamic of motor-
sport – Eficient Performance
by AC Schnitzer.
Optimised custom aerodynamics:
With the AC Schnitzer front spoiler,
chromed front grille, side skirt elements
and Chromline set, the saloon launts its
strikingly masculine lines.
The Nürburgring, known as the “Green Hell” for racing drivers and motorsport fans,
is still used as the test track for all AC Schnitzer product developments.
Efficient Performance – The Most
Beautiful Form of Performance in
Business Class.
When the „Most beautiful
form of dynamics“ becomes
the „Most beautiful form of
performance“, the AC Schnitzer
engineers and designers can’t
be far away. The AC Schnitzer
body components for the new
5-series range combine their
striking design with further
improved aerodynamics.
Not only is the coeficient of
drag reduced but the airlow in
the engine bay is optimised for
engine cooling, and the lift and
downforce on both front and
rear axles are perfectly balan-
ced. This gives greater driving
stability in all speed ranges and
pleases the eye at the same
The AC Schnitzer front spoiler with its dark inlet ducts
looks even more striking (left). AC Schnitzer rear spoiler,
rear roof spoiler and rear skirt extension combine function
with elegant design.
Power Upgrade for the Lifestyle
Estate – 5-series Touring by
AC Schnitzer.
Here on the 5-series Touring,
the AC Schnitzer engineers and
designers impressively show
that an AC Schnitzer power up-
grade can leave its mark and
have a perceptible effect even
on M-Technik vehicles.
and suspension components,
wheel and tyre combinations
and a high performance brake
system combine into a har-
monious vehicle concept. The
performance limits of the stan-
dard vehicle - with or without
M-Technik pack -are raised to
the highest level as a result.
Numerous individual deve-
lopments in aerodynamic
Pure performance: With AC Schnitzer
front spoiler and chromed front grille, the
lifestyle Estate becomes a high performance
sports car.
Efficient Performance Avoids
Wasted Energy.
“Transferring the existing
power potential of the engine
to the road as well as possible
is the best way to use existing
resources eficiently“, explains
Rainer Vogel, Managing Direc-
tor of AC Schnitzer, describing
the philosophy of contemporary
vehicle tuning.
The AC Schnitzer product lines
oriented towards driving plea-
sure and dynamics also have
their elements of ecological
sustainability. So every last
horsepower contributes directly
to incomparably exclusive and
individual form of progress.
Perfectly matched: The rear skirt insert,
twin sports silencer with chromed tail pipes
in Sports Trim design, and rear roof spoiler
from AC Schnitzer emphasise the sporting
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