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AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport
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AC Schnitzer – Technology transfer
from the track to the road.
History always offers new
aspects. Back in the 1960‘s,
the Schnitzer brothers at BMW
scooped almost every prize on
the racetracks of the world. The
„Green Hell“ - as motorsport
fans call the Nürburgring - is
inseparably linked with the
success story of Schnitzer.
Since the first product series,
we at AC Schnitzer have
systematically utilised the
experience from motorsport
in our new developments,
and have always redrawn the
boundaries of race and sports
cars. So the Nürburgring has
regularly served as a welcome
test track for AC Schnitzer
vehicle engineers. By applying
the standards of racing, here
all components from the
AC Schnitzer product range
are thoroughly tested. No-
one can take away this race
It must be special enthusiasm which
combines the race successes of the Schnitzer
brothers with the legendary innovation force
of AC Schnitzer.
This is where we test: The Nürburgring - known to motorsport fans of many generations as the
„Green Hell“ - is today the El Dorado of the AC Schnitzer development engineers
Performance for perfectionists -
the M3 by AC Schnitzer.
Whether its the coupe, ca-
briolet or saloon - to extract
even more dynamism and
performance from a BMW M3
requires an uncompromising
attitude and infinite drive for
perfection. Properties which
apparently are genetically
innate in all AC Schnitzer engi-
neers and designers. There‘s
no other explanation for the
results of their activity in the
M3. The aerodynamics have
become more striking: Above
all the front grille with chromed
mesh insert now has really
sharp lines. A carbon spoiler
lip with optional aluminium
struts, the power dome on
the bonnet flanked by two
AC Schnitzer bonnet vents to
provide fresh air for the power
plant, and the soft moulded
side skirts, leave no room for
M3 aerodynamics made by AC Schnitzer:
The carbon spoiler lip with optional alumi-
nium struts to the front spoiler, front grille
with chrome mesh, soft moulded side skirts,
rear roof spoiler, striking rear wing or more
subtle carbon rear spoiler, and carbon rear
diffuser with integral twin sports silencers
and chromed tail pipes in Racing design.
The whole force of the M-Technik
power plant perfectly transferred
to the road.
You can‘ t win races with
engine power alone. What
is the good of the best
per formance if it cannot be
brought safely through cor-
ners. Engine, aerodynamic s,
suspension, and wheel t yre
combination must be per-
fectly matched.
Wollgar ten took up this
challenge with par ticular
The suspension set up for the M3 cost us a
few laps: The AC Schnitzer racing suspen-
sion with special springs and struts on the
front and rear axle, and special dampers
on the rear, was developed during extensive
testing on the Nürburgring and is matched
to the driving physics of the specific model.
Fitting a rear strut brace further increases
the torsional rigidity of the coupe or saloon.
All the experience of the
driver and the manufacturer
was needed on the appa-
rently endles s test laps on
countr y roads, motor ways
and the Nor th loop of the
Nürburgring. But the ef for t
was wor thwhile : The result
will pleasantly surprise even
critical obser vers.
With 420 HP as standard
from a free-revving 8-cy-
linder unit, the suspension
specialist s let by Manfred
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Manfred Wollgarten - known as the suspensi-
on guru from all BMW insiders.
Tailor made - AC Schnitzer sports suspension
is carefully matched to every model.
Better fast than hard - more than
just a phrase from the text book.
Fiddly detail work in the
workshop. However obvious it
might appear, this is dificult to
implement in practice. For eve-
ry M-model - coupe, cabrio or
saloon - the optimum combina-
tion of driving comfort, sporting
driving dynamics and maximum
safety has to be found.
With the AC Schnitzer racing
suspension, lowering by 25 to
30 mm, special dampers and
springs, not only does the vehi-
cle look more dynamic but the
driving physics of the standard
model are improved to virtual
The AC Schnitzer 6-pot high
performance brake system
mercilessly reigns in the
powerful acceleration forces
when necessary, and provides
essential safety reserves in
every situation.
Design and technolog y
are perfectly matched:
The AC Schnitzer for-
ged alloy Type V wheels
combine high tech
with elegance (bottom
picture), and the
AC Schnitzer bonnet
vents perfectly satisfy
the increased cooling
needs of the M3 power
plant even at full load
(right hand picture).
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