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The new lightweight
wheel design.
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AC Schnitzer Type V
Forged alloy wheel:
In their product development,
wheel designers must always
fulfil two mutually contradictory
demands: firstly the wheel
diameter and width must be ever
larger, and secondly the weight
must be reduced.
solution: technically highly
innovative and exciting in design.
Thanks to production proces-
ses previously known only in
motorsport, the AC Schnitzer
Type V rim - as a forged alloy
wheel - combines lightness with
transparency with its exciting
filigree forms in totally new wheel
and tyre sizes.
To pull this off, the engineers
and designers of AC Schnitzer
have found a new and unique
Fills the wheelarch perfectly:
The AC Schnitzer Type V wheel in 9.0 J x
20“ on the front of the ACS5 Sport based on
the BMW M5 (right).
We‘re one step closer
to weightlessness
With a specific wheel weight of
around 500 grams per inch, the
AC Schnitzer Type V forged alloy
wheel opens up a totally new
weight class.
before was an AC Schnitzer
five-spoke wheel so transparent.
As well as the delicate filigree
star, the elongated recesses in
each spoke provide additional
highlights. In two sizes and three
offsets, this wheel is a perfect
match for the bodystyling of the
current BMW models.
In size 20“, this wheel weighs
only 10,8 kg. This new lightweight
production technology allows a
totally new wheel design. Never
AC Schnitzer Type V alloy
In 9.0Jx20“ front and in 10.0Jx20“ on the
rear, tyre sizes 245/30 R20 and 285/25 R20
are possible on the 5- and 6-series.
AC Schnitzer Type IV alloy wheels.
Over the years, the classic five-
spoke alloy design has been
refined by the engineers and
designers at AC Schnitzer with
skill and experience. The
AC Schnitzer Type IV alloy is
already a design classic for the
newer BMW models. With a
striking and unique design ap-
proach, AC Schnitzer transfers
the philosophy of current BMW
bodystyling to the wheels. The
Type IV alloy in classic silver
represents a milestone in the
current evolution of wheel
AC Schnitzer Type IV alloy and racing rim:
The classic variant of the new generation
wheel from AC Schnitzer is available for all
current models. This classic looks even more
striking in the BiColor Design (below).
666976930.001.png 666976930.002.png
The new BiColor design of
AC Schnitzer alloy wheels.
The AC Schnitzer Type IV
„BiColor“ wheel is the next
evolutionary step in wheel
design. As well as an innovative
form, AC Schnitzer offers here
a further design variant with
particularly striking accents.
design a unique, sporting appea-
rance. The colour change further
enhances the sophisticated filig-
ree style and technical perfec-
tion of the rim. Black flanks and
partial inclusions combined with
metallic front faces give a cont-
rasting overall effect in harmony
with the braking technology.
Motorsport design for the road.
The contrast of black paint and
silver elements gives this wheel
AC Schnitzer Type IV BiColor wheel:
gloss black with metallic brilliance – brings
visual stimulation to a new high.
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