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AC Schnitzer ACS4 Roadster
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The special enthusiasm resulting from countless race victories still characterises the innovative
force of AC Schnitzer products.
Eficient Performance – Technology
Transfer from Motorsport to the Road.
Back in the 1960’s, the
Schnitzer brother celebrated
Touring Car successes in BMW’s
on almost every race tracks
in the world. Since the outset,
we at AC Schnitzer have used
these experiences in motor-
sport. Today the Nürburgring is
still the AC Schnitzer test track.
Here all components must pro-
ve their performance potential,
reliability and eficiency in pro-
tecting the environment under
the harshest race conditions.
Only when the performance up-
grade is achieved at no cost to
fuel consumption and emission
values are the parts included
in the AC Schnitzer special
accessory range. A combinati-
on of contemporary suitability
for everyday road use with
the dynamics of motorsport –
Efficient Performance by
AC Schnitzer.
Custom aerodynamics with front spoiler,
front grille, sports wings with integral
f lashers and the Chromline set emphasise
the masculine lines of the striking front end.
The Nürburgring, known as the “Green Hell” for racing drivers and motorsport fans,
is still the right test track for all AC Schnitzer product developments.
AC Schnitzer ACS4 – A Legendary
Roadster in Sports Dress.
With its classic elongated form,
the BMW Z4 paints a striking
picture on our roads even in
standard form. Here too the
body designers at AC Schnitzer,
with their experienced eye and
pronounced sense of sporting
elegance, have exploited the
optimisation potential of the
car. Using high quality flexible
PU Rim, they have now produ-
ced aerodynamic components
which further emphasise
the masculine traits of the
the lines of the standard vehicle
with striking accents when
combined with the AC Schnitzer
sports rear silencer.
“The sports wing with integral
air outlet openings and chromed
delectors is not only a visual
highlight”, comments Michele
Viandante, Chief Designer at
AC Schnitzer, describing his
latest design. „The front brake
cooling is also perceptibly
optimised.“ And the two-piece
rear spoiler visibly highlights
Refinement in every detail: The two-piece
rear spoiler and sports rear silencer with
chromed Racing tail pipe trims (for Z4
23i, 30i and 35i) give the rear end the
dynamics typical of AC Schnitzer.
Racing Technology Defines
New Limits for M-Technik.
The sporting style of the
M-Technik pack forms the
optimum foundation for the
motorsport- inspired visions
of the AC Schnitzer engineers.
Exploiting new dimensions in
the performance potential of
the automotive and suspen-
sion technology is a welcome
challenge for them. The results
are obvious in many ways.
The aerodynamic components
exploit their potential with
particular elegance, while the
performance gain of 40 kW or
54 HP delivers a clear boost.
The power gain is achieved
while retaining the same CO 2
emissions and fuel consump-
tion in the RL 80 / 1268 test
cycle in the present version.
So driving pleasure is increa-
sed with a clear conscience
High performance athlete in the best form: With chrome
grille, carbon front spoiler and sports wings with integral air
outlet openings and chromed deflectors by AC Schnitzer.
All info on energy efficiency
of all performance upgrades
Energy efficiency class BMW Z4 35i and Z4 35i by AC Schnitzer.
0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000
*Note country specifications
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Performance Upgrade with
Full Warranty.
As well as perfect design and
high performance potential,
the product quality of all
AC Schnitzer components is
a topic par ticularly close to
our hear t. All aerodynamic
components are made of high
quality PU Rim or carbon, and
usually offer a better fit ac-
curacy than the standard car.
For performance upgrades,
AC Schnitzer offers a two-year
warranty from the date of first
registration up to a distance
of 100,000 km on all assem-
blies excluded from the BMW
warranty. For its own compon-
ents, AC Schnitzer even offers
a warranty extension of up to
three years from irst registrati-
on. So the Z4 by AC Schnitzer -
with or without M-Technik pack
- retains its value and becomes
a reliable form of individual
and sports- exclusive driving.
Acoustic and visual highlight: The AC Schnitzer sports exhaust system
with stainless steel rear silencer and chromed tail pipe in Racing design.
*Note country specifications
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